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2020 VISION BOARD WORKSHOP - February 9 • 1-3pm


There's nothing like a New Year (2020!) to help us refocus on our goals, set new intentions, and plan for a successful future. Yet so many times, we lose momentum after the first month or two. Not this year! Make 2020 your best year ever by creating a Vision Board that really works!

Vision Boards are a fun and effective way to keep you on track to acheiving your goals. A combination of images, photos, and words, these powerful collages serve as a daily reminder to keep us focused and motivated. Our instructor, Michelle Bosco, MA, Art Therapist, Transpersonal Counselor, will lead us through all the steps to create your very own personalized board.

Workshop includes:

  • Vision Board Worksheet to brainstorm and narrow in on your vision & goals for 2020!
  • All of the supplies needed to create your board - You are welcome to bring your own too.
  • A variety of frames to choose 
  • A fun afternoon out with friends / or new friends!
  • Snacks  / Wine / Coffee / Tea
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