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STAINED GLASS WORKSHOP - March 1 • 11am-2pm


Chelsea Brewer of Brewer & Marr Glassworks is teaching an afternoon workshop of creating contemporary stained glass sun catchers!  This is an introductory class where you’ll get to choose from a variety of colorful glass in your own color combo and be guided through the basics - and mindful practice - of the copper foil stained glass method.  Walk away feeling empowered with the knowledge & appreciation of the stained glass craft and your very own stained glass sun catcher - hand made by you! - to display in your home, office, etc. 

Workshop includes:

  • Mini-Portal pattern
  • Colorful glass
  • Choice of a diamond or triangle bevel (i.e. rainbow maker)
  • All supplies required for assembly 
  • Choice of finish: Silver, Copper, or Black Patina
  • A fun afternoon out with friends / or meeting new ones!
  • Snacks  / Wine / Coffee / Tea

    Be prepared to get your hands dirty!  Making stained glass sun catcher's is a lot of fun and can be dangerous at times.  We will be handling sharp objects, HOT irons to liquify solder containing different alloy metals including lead, as well as various chemicals.  Everything is perfectly safe to handle but splatter can happen!  For your protection aprons, oven mitts, latex gloves, respirators, goggles, & first aid kit will be provided.  Due to the nature of the craft, expecting mothers are advised to participate at their own risk

    This workshop is best suited for humans 18 and up.

    Amiga Wild and Brewer & Marr Glassworks will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to person and property that may be sustained as a result of participation in the above event.
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